Bender Rosenthal, Inc. is an industry leader in providing experienced right of way and real estate appraisal services and is seeking an experienced Project Manager. This position is responsible for delivery of the project within scope, schedule and budget. The Project Manager’s responsibilities include but are not limited to the following duties:

  • Primary point of contact with the client;
  • Provide analysis and recommendations to client when issues arise;
  • Provide Quality Control of all documents including contracts, offer packages, letters/memos to client, status documents to client, relocation documents, planning documents, etc.;
  • Coordination of appraisal, acquisition and relocation activities within the internal team;  Schedule internal team meetings to report project status to and from the team, as needed;  Provide monthly status report to the client with each invoice; may provide additional status reports as requested;
  • Manage Project budgets and approve invoices;
  • Review and monitor expenditures for each team member assigned to the project
  • Develop correction and/or mitigation strategies for budget/schedule issues;
  • Attend meetings with client(s) as necessary;
  • Review/recommend for approval Requests for Information, Administrative Settlements, and Appraisal Updates;
  • Transmit documents to client;
  • Marketing: Presenting positive face of BRI to our clients; look for opportunities to expand our services in the project
  • Resolve charging problems on timesheets;
  • Review and provide project close-out documentation to client;
  • Provide close-out notification to accounting when project is complete;
  • Actively work toward problem-solving, providing recommendations and/or solutions to the client;
  • Keep the manager and team informed of Project Status (Scope, Schedule, Budget) and Issues

The successful candidate must also have the following:

  • Project Management experience in the delivery of transportation projects with State and Federal oversight
  • At least 5 years Right of Way experience (public or private)
  • Caltrans Right of Way experience is highly desired


Submit Resume to: Brenda Schimpf at