Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) South of Palermo Reinforcement 115kV (SOP) Project

The project is designed to provide line capacity and structure upgrades to the existing power transmission system, involving a total of seven (7) circuits over three (3) construction phases, spanning approximately 60 miles. Located across Butte, Sutter and Yuba Counties, the impacted properties are composed primarily of rice fields and/or agricultural areas. Negotiations with the property owners have also included any vegetation removal, encroachment removals, and any access or gravel requirements necessary for the project.

Dates of Service: 2018 – Present



San Diego Gas and Electric Company (SDG&E) Cleveland National Forest Utility Upgrade Project

The Project will replace the wooden poles on eight transmission lines with weatherized steel poles that closely resemble wood, as well as underground eight 12kV circuits. In order to construct the project, SDG&E needed to obtain permanent and temporary easements from 302 parcels. BRI is acquiring this right of way from 220 parcels on eight 69kV transmission lines and 82 parcels on eight 12kV distribution circuits.

Dates of Service: 2017 – Present




Southern California Edison Company (SCE) West of Devers Electrical System Upgrade Project

This project will replace and upgrade existing electrical infrastructure within the existing electric transmission right of way. BRI’s scope is to appraise and acquire 175 permanent easements, temporary easements, or permits required to build/ maintain the project from public agencies/private property owners. The depth of knowledge of our appraisal and acquisition staff has provided the foundation for SCE to obtain all rights needed within 13 months of notice to proceed.

Dates of Service: 2016 – Present