Feather River West Levee Project

Sutter Butte Flood Control Agency Feather River West Levee Project

All of the right of way efforts are overseen by the State of California Department
of Water Resources (DWR) and require the approval of the Department of General Services. BRI provided appraisals for all 162 parcels and is currently working with the property owners to acquire permanent rights and temporary construction easements for 152 of these parcels.

Dates of Service: 2009 – Present



West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency Southport EIP Levee Project 

The project will reduce flood risk for the City of West Sacramento by addressing known levee deficiencies along the Sacramento River South Levee. Many of the improvements to the levees will require the acquisition of temporary and/or permanent rights. The project includes impacts to 58 parcels in the Southport area. Parcels appraised include vacant land, agricultural property, rural residential, and active subdivisions.

Dates of Service: 2012 – Present


Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority (TRLIA) Levee Improvement Project

TRLIA’s mission is to provide 200-year flood protection. To date, the Feather River Levee Improvements represent the bulk of the fourth phase of work. In total, more than $420 million is being invested in flood protection improvements, approximately half of which is being paid for by the State of California. The project is broken into 4 segments with well over 250 affected parcels.

Dates of Service: 2005 – Present