Project Description

BRI acts as the Right of Way Department for the Freeport Regional Water Authority (FRWA).  FRWA is a joint powers agency between Sacramento County and the East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD).  The main project consists of a 17 mile long pipeline from the Sacramento River to the Folsom South Cannel in Sacramento County.  This project will provide surface water from the Sacramento River to customers in the Sacramento County and the East Bay.  In the environmental phase of the project, BRI acquired access to well over 500 parcels for environmental and geotechnical studies.  During the environmental study phase, BRI worked closely with the project team to help define the right of way needs for the project.  Based on this team approach, BRI established the right of way budget.

As the project advanced into the design phase, BRI helped the project team “value engineer” the design to save over 35% of the original ROW costs.  We accomplished this by suggesting subtle changes in the design location.

BRI appraised and acquired the right of way for construction.  The Right of Way was delivered on time and under budget for construction which began in the spring of 2007.


Other duties included:

ROW Planning
Rights of Entry for Environmental Studies
ROW Budgeting
Title Services
Escrow Support
Condemnation Support



Including BRI in the “Value Engineer” phase of the project, allowed the project team to identify major ROW costs savings by shifting the pipeline out of future residential development areas.  This saved 35% on the overall Right of Way Budget.