Pacific Gas and Electric Company Community Pipeline Safety Initiative (CPSI)

This project was created in order to ensure a safe and reliable gas pipeline by removing structure and vegetation encroachments. In support of CPSI, the BRI is responsible for reviewing over 6,500 miles of gas pipeline. To date, BRI has completed over 90,000 determinations of rights, researched over 21,000 individual owners, and facilitated the signing of 28,000 Action Plans and Acknowledgments.

Dates of Service: 2014 – Present



Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan (PSEP)

BRI has completed appraisals for eleven different gas pipeline projects affecting numerous parcels throughout the SoCalGas service area in Kern, Tulare, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Kings, San Luis Obispo, San Diego and Imperial counties. This effort has involved multiple subterranean pipelines and the scope continues to evolve, encompassing most the utility’s service area from Tulare County to the US/Mexico border. Rights acquired are typically permanent and temporary easements.

Dates of Service: 2015 – Present



Pacific Gas and Electric Company Hydrotest and In Line Inspection: Lines 300 A & B

The scope of work involved the delivery of all right of way necessary to facilitate the hydrostatic testing of Lines 300A and 300B – which comprise approximately 200 miles of pipeline, located at the Arizona and California border and running to Northern California. BRI secured 143 permanent and temporary construction easements for test locations, laydown yards, and Compressed Natural Gas staging areas.

Dates of Service: 2013 – 2017