BRI has appraised a number of different property types for estate planning purposes involving both current and retrospective dates of value. Projects include appraisals relating to charitable contributions, gift transfers, and other estate planning purposes.  The following are several examples of BRI’s recent experience in this regard:

Portfolio of Industrial Related properties – Sacramento and Bay Area Regions

The portfolio appraised involved 14 different properties ranging in size from approximately 30,000 square feet to over 100,000 square feet. The properties analyzed included warehouse/distribution, self-storage, light industrial, industrial showroom and flex.  The improvements varied significantly with regard to construction type, build out, location, etc.  Property analysis not only included consideration of a retrospective date of value in relation to a death in the family, but also multiple, geographically disperse data sets throughout Northern California.   A team of research analysts and appraisers was used to complete the assignment.

+230 acres of Land – Sacramento Region

Nearly 230 acres of land was appraised for a gift transfer in the Sacramento region. The property was unimproved as of the date of value and was being used for agricultural purposes.  However, the assignment was complicated by the fact that the property had future development potential to alternative uses, was impacted by wetlands and had other physical limitations to development.  Completion of the assignment involved the collection of a comparable data set that was both geographically and chronologically disperse.