Government Agencies

BRI effectively provides right of way services for a number of public agencies. The projects range from 19th century levee improvements to 21st century solar easements. BRI specializes in managing entire jobs, coordinating all right of way planning, appraisals, acquisition and regulatory compliance.

Engineering Firms / Utility Companies

Engineering firms and utilities frequently hire Bender Rosenthal, Inc. to handle all their right of way needs because of its complete array of services. The BRI staff has expertise and experience for right of way work, appraisals, acquisitions and overall project management. It truly is one company with many solutions.

Title Companies

Several title companies have relied on BRI’s expertise to settle claims of property title errors. These included difficult “what-if” cases involving what the value of a property would have been under different circumstances.

Lending Institutions

Numerous lending institutions have relied on BRI’s expert appraisals since the firm began in 1997. We have appraised a wide variety of properties throughout the Central Valley and Bay Area for local and regional banks, insurance companies, and other lending institutions. These appraisals are utilized for lending decisions, proposed construction, loan monitoring, and as part of foreclosure proceedings.

Community Facilities Districts

BRI has significant experience performing the appraisals necessary when forming both large and small community facility districts. These types of appraisals require specialized knowledge and experience, and we are familiar with California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC) guidelines pertaining to appraisals for this type of property.

Private Parties

BRI provides appraisal, acquisition and consultation services for private parties. We have performed various assignments for individuals, partnerships and corporations: real estate acquisitions, highest and best use/feasibility analyses, working with developers to acquire property rights, establishing market rent as part of lease negotiations, estate planning, site selection analysis and determining value for estate planning.

Legal support and expert testimony

The firm provides legal support for disputes/law suits involving real property, with expert testimony where needed. We understand the intricacies involved with these types of assignments. We have experience providing expert testimony for depositions, arbitrations, mediations, courtroom hearings and jury trials.